Panels for the healthcare sector

Sandwich panels can be used by system builders and companies specialising in providing clean rooms, environments or biological containment modules.

Sandwich panels can be used in the hospital and medical sector for the creation of operating theatres, clean rooms, and storage and preservation environments for drugs and medical equipment, as they offer a lightweight, easily cleanable and chemically resistant solution.

The choice of materials is one of the main factors to consider when designing a healthy environment.
It is important to choose sustainable elements that help maintain a healthy environment; an unsuitable material, combined with high humidity and temperature, can encourage viruses to remain on its surface for up to 9 days.

CEL produces a wide range of semi-finished products and panels that can complement systems or solutions. An excellent response to the needs of system builders who supply turnkey modules. From the type of material to the quality of paint, each element is designed according to the customer's needs, to promote healthy spaces.

Cleanroom Panels

Clean rooms or cleanrooms are uncontaminated rooms used for laboratories of various kinds (chemistry, mechanics, electronics) in which suspended dust microparticles are highly reduced, resulting in purer air.

For clean rooms, panels are generally made of aluminium honeycomb and skins mainly of plastic laminate or aluminium, with ESD antistatic coating if specifically required. The panels are applied to walls, doors, floors and ceilings.

When the need is bio-hazard containment

CEL panels allow the construction of easily transportable and mountable modules, coverings for bio-hazard containment, infection prevention and epidemic control.

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Deflectors for laminar flows

CEL Components supplies white or transparent honeycomb polycarbonate for sterile or cleanroom suction systems and for all applications where airflow must be filtered or laminarised. For example, in intensive care where the presence of bacteria and viruses could dangerously saturate the environment.

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